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The National Handicraft Center is a government owned company which collect crafts from all over Zimbabwe and markets it to the world over. The company was established in 1989 and links various community groups to the market through Crafts Marketing. The company is committed to the development of art and craft producers and the marketing of their wares locally, regionally and internationally. Particular interest is given to the development of rural women who produce 75 percent of the marketed handicrafts.

The producers take pride in the preservation of traditions, skills and values that have been passed down through generations and today is being shared with the rest of the world. The skills and craftsmanship is distinctly portrayed in basketry, pottery, ethnic jewelry, traditional musical instruments, wood and stone carvings, crochet work, appliqué, embroidery, and natural fiber mat weaving. These are distributed worldwide to exclusive gift shops, home décor, galleries, crafts wholesalers and collectors

We have on site a gallery where walk in customers can purchase from a wide range of crafts ranging from organic foods to traditional musical instruments. We also have a restaurant that sells mainly African dishes which opens every day until late.

We have a clear mandate of promoting sustainable development through crafts development and marketing. Our desire is to grow the Zimbabwean market into a world class crafts market which can positively contribute to the mainstream economy.

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