Batik Wall Hanging - A georgous collection from Zimbabwe


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These hand painted fabrics from Zimbabwe are made by artisans from Harare using environment friendly input and processes (both traditional and the sadza batik method). Sadza is a very finely ground cornmeal which is the staple diet of the various tribes throughout southern Africa, including Zimbabwe. It is combined with water and cooked until it reaches a consistency similar to mashed potatoes. In the art of sadza batik, the sadza is applied to the fabric much as wax would be in the traditional batik process. The cloth is then painted with--in this case--a fabric paint. The paint will not adhere to the areas on which the sadza has been applied.  Once the paste is completely dry the paste is picked off and the fabric is then heated in a dryer to set the colors. The fabric is 100% cotton. The edges are unfinished. They make beautiful range of interior decoratives as wall hangings The inspirations are derived from the environment in which the artisans are exposed. Each batik reflects the artisans culture.


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